Thank you for taking action! With your support, nearly 900 letters have been sent to provincial candidates as part of the #Re-VisionADP campaign. Together, we’re ensuring our Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) understand how technology fosters inclusion for Ontarians who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind.

If you've had a good or bad experience with the Assistive Devices Program, please share your story. With real-life examples, we can build a strong, evidence-based case for pushing this issue forward. The Re-Vision ADP campaign during the election is just the first step in the journey towards re-visioning ADP. CNIB advocates are actively working on next steps to ensure this issue is top-of-mind for the new government. Please monitor this page for updates.

Ahead of the Ontario election on June 7, CNIB wrote to all major Party Leaders asking them to publicly recognize the immediate need to modernize ADP and commit to establishing a strategy with CNIB and campaign supporters within the first 100 days of government.


Ontario PC Party Response – June 1, 2018

“We understand the challenges for individuals who are blind, partially sighted or Deafblind and believe they should have access to high-quality, timely and essential equipment. We understand the importance of ADP and recognize the good work done at CNIB. We will work with your organization and others who operate in this field and provide essential support to blind, partial blind, and Deafblind. A PC Government will work with you to address concerns and barriers facing your organization while ensuring respect for taxpayer dollars.”

Please visit our Party Responses page to read the other responses.